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Using Social Media Stories For B2B Customers!

July 30, 2019





For business people, the lines between work and play are often blurred when it comes to social networks. Yes, most of the people and brands followed on Instagram are about family and friends, food, and celebrities and causes you believe in.  Show people some interesting content related to work, and there's a high chance you'll get their attention. For example, a b2b business gets high CTRs for an ebook they advertise on Facebook. It's an ebook about a business challenge, there's nothing personal in it, but it's targeted to people who would be interested in it. To achieve that targeting, people must be looking for this type of content of Facebook.


If creating stories on social networks has the potential for B2B brands to reach their target audience, then what kinds of stories make sense? There are many options including sharing company events, asking questions or sharing answers to commonly asked questions, live streaming conferences, short interviews, product launches, webinar or podcast invites, product how-to's and the list goes on. You are only limited by your imagination.


Hubspot is doing a fantastic job of this. (see above) 



Hubspot creates Stories for its products, for marketers, sales, growth, and more. Other B2B brands I found on Instagram include Buffer, MailChimp, ServiceNow, WeWork, and others. ServiceNow did an interesting Story on the future of work that includes stats, short video clips, and was both fun and insightful.


What's driving your stories?

If a B2B brand wants to meet its customers where they spend their time, then social networks are top of the list. Stories are a way to engage with those customers instead of simply posting pictures or short text-based posts. Stories should tell some kind of story (hence the word "stories"), and they should look good - a brand should spend time on production to make a story worth watching and interacting with. Right now, it seems like Instagram is a good place to start. There are no limitations on who can create Instagram Stories like there are on other social networks, but don't rule YouTube or Facebook out, if you know your customers are spending time there.


Content source: Diginomica + Hubspot 

Image credit - Feature image - A man hand holding iphone with search page screen of Instagram application. Other images from brand Instagram pages, and linked to those pages.









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