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10 Trends for Social Media in 2019

January 28, 2019



Social media trends are constantly changing, what worked well one month might not be as effective a few months down the line, so it’s important to keep an eye on not only what’s trending but also on what your community wants to see online, so you can continue to build relationships that hopefully will result in increased sales for your business.


1. Vertical Video


Instagram and Snap Chat have had a big impact on the popularity of vertical video, and now that you can add stories to Facebook and with the introduction of IGTV, its popularity is going to continue to increase. Video is a huge part of social media today, and it can help you share your brand story in a very engaging way, so when you’re filming your next video, or jumping on stories, make sure you’re filming the video vertically, so you offer your customers the best possible viewing experience.


2. Authentic Content


Authenticity is a big deal on social media because consumers see so much content each day, they are beginning to become wiser to the different tips and tricks people use to enhance their presence online. As a result, social media accounts that focus on authenticity over having a perfectly curated feed have been rewarded with more engagement and a more loyal following. Customers appreciate the inside looks and personal stories that can come with a being a business owner, so while it’s important to keep your online interactions professional, we encourage you to keep what you share real.


3. Using AI for Personalized Experiences


Using artificial intelligence (AI) to create a personalized user experience through chatbots or private messages is becoming more and more common. The other benefit to using AI is that it can help to automate some of your customer service tasks. Consider using AI to create automatic Facebook message responses or sending out customized offers to customers who complete certain actions.


4. Quality over Quantity


Because there is so much content available to customers online it’s important to make sure you’re sharing your top content in your feed, so your customers know to expect only quality content from your brand. If you find yourself low on content or wondering what to post, it may be better to hold off and not post anything. Some accounts are finding that their engagement is actually increasing when they reduce their posting frequency. Don’t be afraid to try different posting schedules and learn what your customers really want, you might be surprised.


5. The Rise of Influencers


Working with influencers who are a good fit for your brand and who resonate with your audience can be a great way to get new people to learn about your brand. However, it’s important to treat influencer relationships like any other business relationship or contract, so take your time researching who you want to work with and what exactly you want to achieve if you decide to run an influencer campaign. If you have a smaller budget, you can still work with influencers, but you may need to consider influencers with smaller followings. If you’d like help setting up an influencer campaign or learning how to best work with influencers, reach out to Kommunity Konsulting and we can get you started with a strong foundation for how to make the most of a partnership.


6. Pay to Play is Real


If you have a Facebook page, you have most likely felt frustration over the past year about the decreasing organic reach of posts. Because this trend is most likely going to continue as social media platforms continue to adjust their algorithms, be prepared to put some money into your social media posts to run ads or boost posts to ensure you can get your message in front of your audience.


7. Don’t be Afraid to Go Live


Going live is a great way to connect authentically with your customers, while it might seem intimidating at first, you don’t need to worry about being perfect during a live stream. Just make sure you have something fun or interesting to share and post a heads up before your live stream, so your audience knows to plan for when you’re going live.


8. Consider Starting a Private Group

Private Facebook Groups are a great way to connect with people in your community. You can either join private groups that align with your business goals or create a private group for your community so they can connect with one another, participate in challenges, and share information.


9. Stories are In

Stories align really well with the focus on being authentic and sharing live streams, when you share a story you can give extra content, inside looks, or backstage tours to your followers. You can also use stories to poll your community on what they want to see from you or ask them questions. Instagram is continually adding new story functionality so check in regularly to see what else is new.


10. Know Your Numbers


If you are not checking your social media analytics, or Google Analytics, now is a great time to start. By reviewing your data, you can learn more about what is working, what your audience likes, and what doesn’t resonate with them. Knowing your numbers can help you make more informed decisions about your social media strategy going forward.


While this might seem like a lot to keep up with you can start by identifying the top three trends that make the most sense to your business and work on implementing them into your social media strategy. If you’d like a hand in getting started, Kommunity Konsulting can provide training or social media management services that make managing your social media and staying on top of the latest trends easy.


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