How to Make the Most of Each Social Media Platform

Updated: Jun 18

There are plenty of different social media platforms out there today and while you probably have your own person favourites, depending on if you’re really interested in food, pets, or fashion, the social media platforms that you love using for your own posts might not be the best platforms for your business to use.

While we don’t think it’s necessary to have an active account on every social media platform, it is important that your business uses the platforms you do decide to use properly. This means you need to understand the differences between the different platforms and how to adapt your content, so it resonates with your audience no matter which platform you’re using.

Here is our overview of how to make the most of each social media platform:


You can create a business page on Facebook that will allow you to post stories, images, videos and text updates to your followers. While some people may disagree with Facebook’s popularity and feel frustration at the organic reach of posts if you’re sharing quality content that resonates with your community you will still be able to reach out and build relationships with people. Facebook is also a great way to share and promote events that your company might be hosting and create or participate in private groups that specifically apply to your business or industry.


Instagram is a very popular social media platform at the moment, it is also highly visual platform so if your brand is something that’s visual, or you make videos or have someone with an eye for design on your team then you can be very successful on the platform. Posting high-quality visuals is just the first step to building a platform on Instagram though, once you’ve posted your content you also need to share an engaging caption, engage with your audience and other accounts, and utilize hashtags efficiently to grow your following.


If your business makes a lot of videos, either of projects, products, or company culture, then YouTube might be a great platform for you. Video is a very popular content medium at the moment and if you’re taking the time to create videos then it is worth uploading them to the platform, while also sharing them on your other social media networks.


Out of all the social media networks, LinkedIn is the most professional. Because it is a professional network, you should keep your images and text professional and well formatted. You can share company updates and milestones with your LinkedIn followers but be sure to incorporate job postings and company culture updates as well. Because LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, content geared towards careers and culture often performs better than other topics.


Snapchat is very popular with a younger demographic and is most well known for its disappearing content. Because content doesn’t live as long on Snapchat compared to other networks, you can focus more on sharing in the moment authentic insights, instead of super polished content. You will need to build an audience on Snapchat to see the value of it because only users who have added you can view what you are sharing.


This is another highly visual platform that is particularly popular for fashion and food posts. Users create boards that are organized by topic or theme that they then “pin” the content they like or have uploaded to the boards. An important thing to remember about Pinterest is that it’s as much search engine as it is social media network, if a user is looking for something specific then they will likely search for it using the in-app search function to find what they are looking for.

If you’re new to social media and would like help getting started with one of these networks, the Kommunity Konsulting team can help, contact us today to get started.



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